Black and White
The pier at St. Simons Island, Georgia
And old farmhouse along M72 in Leelanau County, Michigan
a majestic old Oak watching over a vineyard in Lodi, California
the rugged shoreline of Lake Superior north of Duluth, Minnesota
the foothills near the Pacific Range west of Yuba City, California
a lonesome tree standing guard in the desert of Arizona
a piece of farm machinery that's seen lots of seasons in the panhandle of Oklahoma
The Swimming Tree at Los Vaqueros Reservoir in the east bay region of California
a rocky hillside leading into the foothills of the Sierra Nevada east of Sacramento,California
a beautiful old barn along M72 in Leelanau County Michigan on a sunny winter day

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Reflections in the Delta near Lodi, California
a storm blowing into the Delta region along I 5 near Rio Vista, California
a private home with a great view in the vineyards of Chateau Grand Traverse near Traverse City, Michigan
the Pacific Coast of southern Washington State
a small barn along M22 in Leelanau County Michigan
The Old Mission Lighthouse on the Old Mission Peninsula north of Traverse City, Michigan
one of the beautiful old buildings of the former State Hospital in Traverse City, Michigan
The grasslands along highway 4 heading into the Sierra Nevada
deep inside the Suisun Marsh near Rio Vista California on a cold winter day
Along the Silverado Trail in Napa Valley
A vineyard in the Napa Valley, California
a majestic old barn in the range land leading into the foothills of the Sierra Nevada on the road to Yosemite
The Grasslands east of Stockton California near the foothills of the Sierra Nevada